Thursday, 27 April 2017

Amazing and Unbelievable 4 Real Life Things You Never Knew Your Android Smartphone Could Do

Almost all of us see our android device as just a normal device that can only be used to make and receive calls, to play amazing games, to take selfies, and some other things.

But do you know your android functions is way beyond your imagination or daily use. But there is an interesting feature I like about Android Devices which is its simplicity.

I will be sharing with you 4 real life things you never knew or probably will never believe your Android Device could do.

#1.Measure Your Health Using Android


The EKG is a test that checks for electrical activity of the heart. It gives diverse informations about your health but it requires a little device kardia mobile heart monitor once connected to your android device, you only need to tap your fingers on its parts for 30seconds then your health informations will be unleashed.It will also show if your heart rhythm is healthy.

#2.Become a Better Fisherman Using Android


If you are a fisherman you don't need to contonue using trial and error method to catch your fish. With this android app, you will know the precise location where fishes are. Deeper is miniaturized sonar, added to your fishing line, while in the water, it emits high-resolution sonar pulses to reveal where the fishes are.

#3.Detect Metals Using Android Smartphones


With this app, you can actually detect metals with using your  Android .
 how does it works?
Your android sensor makes this work. Just install the app then move the phone around metals you will see the material field magnet fluctuating once it detect metal, it will beep. You can use this android app to detect wires in wall.

#4.Wake up From Sleep Using With Your Favourite Song Playing Using Android


Interesting right? What do you think,how would love your favourite music waking you up from sleep?

If that's what you want, make use of
Alarm clock for me app

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