Friday, 28 April 2017

Facebook Working on Cool AR Glasses which can tell a persons name in First Encounter

Facebook is working on a cool pair of augmented reality glasses, much like the rest of the tech world, but don't start planning on buying them just yet.

During Facebook's F8 conference, the company revealed its vision for the future; one where you won't be tied to your smartphone, but you'll still be connected to the digital world.

The AR glasses Facebook dreams about overlay digital graphics on top of what you already see in front of you. Kind of like what Google did, but in a much classier way, since that project tanked for the Mountain View giant.

The glasses, the company said, would show you a person's name above their head when meeting with them. This, while creepy on the one hand due to the use of the facial recognition software, is cool on the other hand because most of us have a problem remembering names.

The glasses could also be used for other things, like telling you if your child is running a fever, or giving you access to your workspace when on a flight, muting background noise when talking to a person and so on. It sounds extremely far-fetched and out of a sci-fi movie, but Facebook strongly believes it can make everything happen.

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