Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Phone Review: Samsung Has Exceeded the Limit With it's Impressive and Breathtaking Samsung C9 Pro mobile

The Samsung Company Is Killing Us With Their Impressive and Breathtaking Mobile Samsung C9 Pro

Samsung,The Korean giant has  recycled its basic template over and over again, and even with a move to metal bodies over the past year or so, most of its phones look just like one another. With its nimble Chinese competitors releasing new models every few months and shoving more features and better specifications into devices across the price spectrum, it has been hard for Samsung to keep up.

However, the new Galaxy C9 Pro is a direct shot against all the upstarts nipping at its heels. It's the biggest departure we've seen from this company in ages, in terms of styling as well as strategy. It capitalises on the premium Samsung brand in a price segment that people look at when they want a polished, capable device, and it is designed around exactly the features and specifications that people want right now.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Display and Specifications and Software


•Internal Storage-64GB



•Battery Capacity-4000mAh

•Front Camera-16 megapixel

•Rear Camera-16 megapixel

•OS-Android 6.0

•Screen Size-6.00 inch

Impressive Features of Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

√Lots of RAM and Storage

√Big Vibrant Screen

√Excellent Cameras

√ Good battery life

Unimpressive Features of Samsung C9 Pro

×No 4k video recording

×Doesn't run Android 7 yet

×Outperformed by competitors at this price

It shouldn't come as any surprise that the Galaxy C9 Pro can perform extremely well no matter what is thrown at it. You'll get used to its size, though the weight and balance never really feels natural. This phone is less awkward to use for voice calls than many other 6-inch models you've used. The screen is consistently great for watching videos and playing games on, and the full-HD resolution presents absolutely zero real-world problems. Colours looks fine even under harsh sunlight, and viewing angles are also good.

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