Friday, 19 May 2017

4 Best Whatsapp Tricks on Android

I choose to believe that there isn't any need to start describing what Whatsapp is, most people, if not all across the world are Whatsapp fans. To some, Whatsapp is the best social media available for fun and self expression. So based on the assumption that most of the Human population knows what Whatspp is, I choose to proceed with showing you 4 things you never knew you could do with Whatsapp.

Discreetly Listen to WhatsApp Messages?

When I receive voice message on WhatsApp and i start playing it, I notice covering the android sensor will stop the voice message. But do you know what? hold the phone to your ear as if you want to receive a call then you hear your voice message from the small speaker.

Send Location or a Contact Number

You might want to send your location or even a friends contact to another person just go to  chats click on the paperclip icon you will see contact and location there.

Finding Individual Contacts and Messages

If you need the details of a particular contact on your WhatsApp or even messages you don't need to starting scrolling from top to the end just click the magnifier icon at the top menu to do that.

Marking a Message as Your Favourite on WhatsApp

Maybe you need to save an important message or chat on your WhatsApp chats,just go to the conversations, long press the message then you will see the star icon

Hope you found this interesting, share your take on this by using the comment Box

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