Friday, 5 May 2017

5 Tips to Use to Prevent Phone Damage

In this age of Technology, everyone even the smallest child is expected to own a mobile phone.It's usefulness can not be overemphasized ranging from picking calls, chatting,watching movies,learning.With this level of importance,it isn't a strange to see people crazy about their mobile phones.

Most of us will agree that it really pains us when we see our phones scratched, or the screen breaks.Nevertheless, its important for us to safeguard our phones in every circumstance.To learn how to protect your phones.

Tip#1:Use A Phone Case: Phone casing doesn't only shield your phones but also beauties the phone. So, if you don't have any phone case, try to get one in order to prevent your phone from serious damage when it falls. 

Tip#2:Do Not Leave Your Phone Unattended: This is specifically for those with kids and siblings.Do not always leave your phone unattended because kids can destroy your phone in your absence and sometimes even in your presence
 This tip is highly recommended for everyone. I think this will be very helpful to those using a mobile phone and has a kid or a sibling at home

Tip#3:Use A Screen Protector: Using a screen protector, protects your phone from unexpected damages that's why phone with gorilla glass screen is very good. Screen is one of the most fragile and sensitive part in mobile phone and needs proper care because once a phone drops to the ground,and the screen gets affected immediately and often times, scratched. 

Tip#4:Waterproof The Device: We all know that water and phones are enemies,you have to waterproof your mobile phone in order to prevent it from water damage and however, there are phones available which are water resistant. 

 Tip#5:Hold Your Phone Firmly: This is one of the best way to prevent sudden screen scratches because most cases of phone being cracked, resulted from mobile phone falling from the hand. Your hand is not slippery? Why is your phone falling from your hand? Try to grip your phone everywhere you go to prevent it from damaging.

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