Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Browsing Tweak for Airtel Users.Get 1GB Free Data which Increases With Time

Hello guys, it's been long I posted to this site due to some technical and financial issues which have been addressed. With arrival or should I say resumption,i've decided to help you guys with a free  browsing  tweak,and
I hope it works for you

The tweak I am about to present is for  Airtel users. It's a tweak on how to subscribe or get free 1GB from Airtel,the interesting  thing  about this tweak you don't  want to miss is............................
OK let me just tell you.This data accumulates over a period  of time and so this means you can get as many or should I say as much as you want.

Airtel Subscribers  Follow this Step to Subscribe

Step#1:Dial *317#

Step#2:If successful,dial *688*1#

Step#3:This will immediately get you subscribed to the 1GB data

Step#4:You can keep dialing the code to get more

Step#5:To check data balance, dial *140#

Note:If you are having any form of difficulty or it doesn't seem to be working, migrate to the smart trybe by sending JOIN to 1010

This is a social subscription which means it works on form of chat media e.g Facebook, Twitter, etc

Please if you have anyform of question  or contribution,kindly use the comment box. Thank you.

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