Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Features You Should Know About Window 10 S Operating System Launched By Microsoft

Microsoft has announced new operating system called Windows 10 S which is essentially an  education-focused answer to Chrome OS. The Windows 10 S operating system has been streamlined to be able to run on low- end computers with lower hardware requirements and smaller installation size like mini laptops and other low small desktops.

The Microsoft 10 S has been designed to also work faster,as the login process now takes 15 seconds from the boot which is better and faster than the normal Windows 10 and Windows 10 Pro. The improvement will perform these functions

•Allow organizations to configure multiple machines with just a USD drive, the interesting part is that the Windows 10 S has been preconfigured.

•Allow a Windows self-configuration and will cause the PC to set itself up, simply by plugging in the drive in the OS.

•Users can also package their existing Apps and provide them on windows for others to install

  meanwhile the Window 10 S will run only applications from the Windows store and that's one thing that differentiates it from the normal windows 10 Pro. Though the New windows is not free as many may think
Organizations which are currently running on genuine windows Pro PCs will get the new Windows 10 S for free while others which are not will get the Windows 10 S starting

USA. $189  which is equivalent to

•NGN 57,700 in Nigeria.

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