Sunday, 28 May 2017

How to Cancel A Text Message You've Already Mistakenly Sent.

I know what it feels to accidentally send a message to a wrong or unintended person. And you try all you could to cancel the delivery of the message which did not work out anyway. Here is a solution to the problem of mistakenly sending a message to a wrong contact.

The method I'll be showing you is very easy and reliable, so don't be scared because it's very reliable. Just follow this steps below and you are safe at any point. This method works well on all Android and iOS phone.

If you have accidentally sent a text message to the wrong person, just follow the steps below to cancel the text message.

>> Once you send the text to the wrong person

>> Before the second Mark appears, immediately put your phone on Airplane mode. You should be very fast before the second Mark appears. (first Mark means SMS sent, while the second Mark that appears means SMS delivered).

>> After that, you should see "Failed to deliver"

>> Now, delete the message

>> Finally, turn off Airplane mode


This guide is likely not to work on these kind of phones. Because, on Nokia Torch-light, if you try to remove the battery immediately or switch off the phone, the text message will be Pending in Outbox folder. And once you turn on the phone, it will automatically re-send the text message before you could do anything. Same applies to Nokia Java and Symbian.

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