Monday, 22 May 2017

Impressive Uses of USB OTG Cables You Didn't Know

Like a wise man once said when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. Most people smartphone possesses the USB OTB, but they don't know it's usefulness and essence. The unknown fact to them is that OTG (On The Go) also known as USB OTG is one of the coolest integrated technology that comes with smartphones device. In fact, it's one of the most important invention in a smartphone.

USB (USB On-The-Go)

Apart from the well known common uses, the USB OTG also also enables two users  devices to communicate. Many OTG users, uses the feature for data transfer between their devices and an storage unit but the features are beyond that because it is equipped with a lot of quality features that will be revealed here in this article.

1.Connect To A LAN(Local area network) Cable: 

If you have no Wi-Fi router but have a broadband network, the OTG cable will be very helpful at this time. Simply, go get a LAN to USB controller and connect it. Wow! You can now make use of your broadband internet on your smartphone directly.

2.Connect A Potable Hard Drive: 

This is the most used feature from OTG cable known as data transfer as you will simply plug the external storage drive (Thumbdrive, hard disk e.t.c) into the secondary port of the cable and its contents will be displayed instantly on your smartphone which will allow you transfer data like musics, videos and others from both devices.

3.Connecting As A Game Controller: 

This feature is essential to game lovers. OTG cable can be connected to game controller in order to enjoy better gaming experience such as PPSSPP Games and others. Meanwhile, most Android games supports the use of an external gamepad and with OTG cable, you will be able to connect an external gamepad to your device.

4.Charging Your Smartphone With Another Device: 

This is one of the most desirable feature you could option in for OTG cable. You will be able to charge your phone from another phone using an OTG cable especially when light is bad or epileptic in your area.

5.Connect To A Camera:

 If you are a photographer, you can connect your camera to your smartphone using OTG cable. Cameras that are digital are also supported and compatible for sharing of files as well.

6.Connect To A Keyboard: 

With USB OTG cable, connecting for data transfer is easy. Now, you can connect your OTG cable with your smartphone keyboard using Android’s built-in settings for external controllers

7. Connect To A USB Mouse:

If your smartphone has screen problem like calibration issue, you should connect your device to a mouse with the help of an OTG cable to enjoy your best experience operating your phone.

8.Connect To A USB Fan:

There are sometimes when you use your phone alot or when it suddenly gets hot, you can connect an OTG cable to your USB fan to cool it down.

9.Connect To A USB Light: 

An OTG (On-The-Go) can also be use for connecting a USB LED lamp for lightening purpose in case of a blackout or photoshoot.

10.Connect To A Microphone Or Sound Card:

If your Audio jack is no more functioning, you can connect a sound card to your smartphone with the help of an OTG cable. You can also connect a microphone to your smartphone to deliver high-quality recording only if your phone microphone is not sufficient.

You shocked, that these features were even possible and you never knew. But since you've seen the possibilities of the USB OTG,just hope your phone supports these features.

Hope this article enlightened you?

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  1. do infinix note 2 have it

    1. Sure... It comes with OTG USB Support..

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