Sunday, 14 May 2017

Reduce Phone Brightness Using The Dimly and Night Mode App for Android

Most of people especially those in developing countries where the light supply isn't stable, use their phone light at a bright level to do various which encompasses reading,looking for directions,cooking e.t.c.This practice of using the phone at a highly bright  level is very dangerous as this can cause a form of eye defect.

In an attempt to solve this problem,some phones come with the ability to lower screen brightness but this isn't really effective because some phones even after reducing the screen brightness,it will still be bright. I am sure you've seen phones like that.

I am here with a solution. I recommend two App that I am unswervingly sure is right for the job. These Apps are the Night Mode and Dimly which I believe will be effective.

About Night Mode

This app reduces the brightness of your screen further than the default Android settings. All you need to do is download and install the app. then launch it and you will be presented with an option to set your screen brightness. Push the slide backwards till it reaches your desired brightness level, then press Start. It automatically dims your screen. Download Night Mode Here.

About Dimly

Dimly: This app works similar to Night Mode. Once you install the app, anytime you launch it, you will see the dialog box on your Home screen. You can change the settings by tapping on the down-pointing arrow on the app’s home screen then tapping on the gear icon. Note that you can adjust the brightness directly from the Home screen. Download Dimly Here.

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