Monday, 1 May 2017

Touch Screen Watch:The Amazing Tom Tom Touch Review

Tom Tom,the Dutch company has infused its background and knowledge into its wearables, and produced some worthy products for athletes. But with its latest entry, the Tomtom Touch, it is taking on the much bigger casual fitness market.
As such, the Touch tracks a number of routine parameters:


•Calories burned, 

•Distance travelled, 

•Survives in 5ft of water for 30mins

•Five days of battery life

•Sleep time. 

•Heart rate monitor

•Resistant to sweat,rain,splash

•Touchscreen display, 

 •Offers phone notifications. 

•Its body is rated IPX7 for water resistance. To set it apart from the competition, TomTom has come up with one unique feature –

• The Touch is capable of analysing your body composition, which means it can measure body fat and muscle mass percentage.

Fit isn't a problem, as there are enough holes to fasten the band comfortably. You can get the Touch with either a

 •Small band which measures between 125mm and 165mm, 

•Large size is suitable for people whose wrists measure between 143mm and 206mm.

•Touch has a monochrome touchscreen, 

Mode of Operation

•To wake it up or get it active, press the round silver button by the side

•First screen shows the time and daily step progress

•Swipe up and see activity tracking,body compositions and heart rate readings

•Swipe down and you get your step count,calories burned,distance covered,active time and sleep duration

The TomTom Torch operates using USP, which is body composition analysis. Here’s how TomTom has enabled this to function. When you wear the Touch, its underside is in contact with your skin. If you place your other hand’s index finger on the silver button, a mild electric pulse is sent from one arm to the other through your body in a process known asBioelectric Impedance Analysis. Once the process is complete, you’ll see a tick mark on the screen, and you need to open the app to see the result.

Impressive Features

√Uses Micro USB for charging

√Measures body fat and muscle mass

√Thin and light

Unimpressive Features

×Can't do silent alarms

×Notifications are heavily limited

×Doesn't have an altimeter

×Limited activity tracking,doesn't include distance

×No raise to wake or automatic tracking

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