Tuesday, 30 May 2017

You Could Save Up to £50 Using BT Broadband and Infinity deals until 1 June

If you're planning to take this Bank Holiday to finally get your new broadband sorted out, then BT has just made its broadband and Infinity fibre offers a lot more tempting.

Gone are the £20 and £50 activation fees that BT was previously charging to get new customers up and running. The only thing you'll now be asked to spend up front is £9.99 for the cost of delivering your brand spanking new BT Home Hub or Smart Hub router.
That makes BT's prices very competitive indeed, particularly when it comes to its Infinity 1 fibre 52Mb package - until Thursday 1 June, it's £28.99 per month with a £100 BT Reward Card thrown in to sweeten the deal and only £9.99 to pay at the outset.

How does BT Infinity fibre broadband compare?

If you've considered BT broadband before, but felt affronted by the sight of a £50 set-up fee, then removing it now makes BT's plans look very attractive. We've lined up its prices for Infinity fibre broadband against the unlimited superfast options offered by the other major providers:
  • Virgin Media VIVID 100 Offering speeds of 100Mb, Virgin is unparalleled when it comes to pure speed alone. But it doesn't come cheap - monthly tariffs start at £32, and that's after splashing £20 upfront.
  • Sky Fibre Unlimited Price-wise, Sky just can't quite compete with BT right now. It's £30 a month anyway, and the £48.95 upfront fee makes it very difficult to justify unless you want to combine it with Sky TV.
  • TalkTalk Faster Fibre BroadbandTalkTalk is actually leading the way on price at the moment, thanks to its£25 a month flash sale. There are two buts, though - one is that the speed is up to 38Mb compared to BT's 52Mb. The second is that BT is also throwing in that £100 Reward Card, which is effectively a pre-paid Mastercard that can be used pretty much everywhere.
  • Plusnet and EE They may not have the prestige of BT when it comes to broadband, but these two smaller providers have decent prices. Plusnet Unlimited Fibre is £25pm and £25 upfront, while EE Unlimited Fibre with Weekend Calls is £28.50pm after £32 upfront. For buts however, see TalkTalk above.

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