Monday, 5 June 2017

All Rooted Android Smartphones To Be Blocked By Google Play Service

Rooting,whose one major importance is that it grants you full access to your Android device and to some other System files as well. But Now Google Play Store sets to block some Rooted Users.

Netflix the Biggest streaming and movie download app has recently suspended rooted Android users from accessing its platform. This is really a sad news for Android users using rooted Netflix app. But To every problem there is solution.

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According to source, latest updates has it that Google is preparing to block rooted Android users from accessing the Playstore. Google’s latest update to the Google Play Console, as updated during Google IO 2017, includes a Safety Net toggle. This toggle is one of many platforms which gives developers a very simple way of allowing some features to be compatible with the apps they make, and others to be kicked from the pack. As Google Suggests in their developers Documentation.

Moreover  if your Android device is rooted, or an emulator, has an unlocked bootloader, or half a dozen other similar, related elements – it will automatically fail the integrity test. You won’t be able to access some major apps from the playstore.

What Is SafetyNet And How Does It Works?

Safety Net provides a set of services and APIs that help protect your app against security threats, including device tampering, bad URLs, potentially harmful apps, and fake users.”
Safety Net Attestation checks for the following Device Status markers
Certified, genuine device that passes CTS
Certified device with unlocked bootloader
Genuine but un-certified device, such as when the manufacturer doesn’t apply for certification
Device with custom ROM (not rooted)
No device (protocol emulator script)
Signs of system integrity compromise, such as rooting
Signs of other active attacks, such as API hooking

That's not all, if your device runs on either Stock or Custom ROM and it's rooted, you are all included in this new development from Google As well. This will be a Bit of Fustration to Android Users But As i made mention above that every problem has a solution.

Whats The Way Out?

If unfortunately,you are affected by the latest update, then you should download apps from other sources and install on your device. Although Many will likely Unroot their device, which is allowed and this depends on your choice. But many will still love to enjoy more Root access to some certain Apps on their smartphones therefore refusing to Unroot their device. But The above Option Of Downloading fro Another source is simply the best. 

Whats your take on this?

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