Friday, 2 June 2017

Your Chance to Use a Better and Faster Browser.

We wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of people using old version browsers or old browser like the Internet Explorer. And we wouldn't take it personal if after they have encountered other better browsers,choose to remain with the old browser. We can understand, it's because they have become comfortable with their current niche. But if you are one of those people and you want to break free, you want a browser that can exceed your expectations, this article is for you.

Google Chrome

I'll rank Chrome as No 1 because it knows how to do its job. To me it's bae, it can perform beyond your wildest imaginations. Did you know that Chrome browser is fast, light weight and compatible with most devices?

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Hidden features on Google Chrome you didn't know you could explore using Google Chrome.

>>Find my Phone: Like Apple's "Find my iPhone," Google Chrome also offers the same feature for Android phone users. If you find yourself at a loss on where you could have possible left your Android device, all you have to do is type in "Find My Phone" in the browser's address bar and it will open up a page giving users an idea of how and where to find their phone. Of course, you will probably have to log-in to make full use of the features.

>>Chrome Experiments
Google actually hosts a website containing experimental applications developers are working and users can take a look at the unfinished products. Just type in www.chromeexperiments.com in the address bar and check out some demos.

>>Mute tabs with unwanted audio by enabling Tab audio muting features. Copy and paste this URL into your browser bar:


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>>Keep Google  Save your ideas in Google Chrome with one click. Open Keep.google.com website on your computer and write down your all temporary ideas and to do list.

>>Material Design Downloads  Change the Download page design to new material design.  Copy and paste this URL into your browser bar: chrome://flags/#enable-md-downloads

>>Pin Tab  Pin your tab in Google Chrome is the one of the most useful features for pro users. Select Pin Tab for pin tab in Google Chrome.

>>Play T-Rex Game

When your internet refuses to open due to no network or some other reason, you will see this screen in your Google Chrome Browser. Now press Space button for playing this game in your PC.

Or simply type  in chrome://network-error/-106 in the address bar and get ready to hit the space bar to make the running T-Rex jump over cacti.

Or if you are a smartphone user,simply tap on the error showing T-Rex

You want to know more? Download Google chrome.

2.UC Browser

Do you love downloading movies, mp3,Games,files,PDFs,if you are that person, UC browser is extremely recommended for you because it will make life easy for you whether on mobile and on PC.

3.Opera browser

The Opera browser is most people's favourite especially the latest version Opera reborn that has baked WhatsApp, Facebook IM andTelegram into the browser’s sidebar and the attached free unlimited VPN.

The only issue most people  have with the VPN is that it doesn’t change IP address of a particular location compared to the normal VPN software.  Germany IP address remains the same, unchanged till the world end. Not good right?

Microsoft Edge 

The Microsoft Edge is also a good option for anyone interested in reading and doing research online. This browser has little issues;it lags a lot even when you are on 4G internet connection.

Which browser are you using, if yours isn't among the ones listed above, then we think you should reconsider your choice of browser.

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