Tuesday, 11 July 2017

How To Know The Original Link Of Any Shortened URL and What It Contains Without and Before Even Visiting

We should have written this article a long time ago but due to some inconveniences,it had to be be postponed. But anyway, it's better late than never. This is a tutorial we came across  on our partner blog that I feel many will find useful. A lot of people especially those who are a bit tech conscious usually use and at other times avoid shortened URLs instead of the complete, so if you desire to understand and know how this is done and what it entails , read on. 

E.g of Shortned URL is goo.gl/RAxiU1

Try clicking the link,and it might end up redirecting you to an Adult site or maybe a Phishing site which is not suitable for just anybody. Therefore,with the aid of this article, you will know what the shortened URL is all about or entails before visiting.

How To Know Original Link Of Any Shorten URL.

  • On that page, input the shortened url (it can be "tinyURL", "bit.ly", "goo.gl", "t.co" or whatever link shortener).
  • Click on "GET LINK INFO"
  • After that, it will load up the original link and you will know if it was exactly what the poster said it is.
  • Now you have known a way of checking out a shortened link info. 

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