Monday, 7 August 2017

5 Awesome Apps Your Rooted Phone Should Have

It's a well known fact that Rooting gives you privilege to access things an unroot phone cannot access such as free special apps installations, free internal memory storage when you have low memory storage, and many others.


Moreover, phone can be bricked, if you don't follow the rooting guidelines or procedures carefully. I will recommend KingRoot app for rooting, if you are not an expert in rooting

Now, I will list the top five (5) amazing apps you should install after successful rooting of your Android smartphone. These apps will give you more features desired.

1. Ifont - This app is specially designed for fonts. You can add beautiful fonts for your smartphones. Over 100 different fonts can be downloaded and used and you can even change the colour of your preferred style.

2. Lucky Patcher - Gamers will found this favourable and interesting. You can get unlimited coins for free directly from the app, blocking adverts from apps, and many others, can be performed using lucky patcher.

3. Undeleter - This app restores back deleted data. So, you don't have to worry if your photos, videos, musics and documents are deleted because undeleter will definitely fetch them back.

4. Titanium Backup - This app backup your data, system and user applications on external storage of your choice. In case you want to flash or reset your phone, you can use this app to backup your data.

5. Uninstall - This app allows you to uninstall preinstalled or follow-come apps that are taking the memory of your smartphone. In some cases, this apps produce pop-up errors like "Unfortunately, app closed" and others due to low memory storage. So, you can fix that issue by uninstalling the preinstalled apps using uninstall app.

I think these 5 amazing apps listed above will give the users who have rooted their phone more privilege to enjoy their phone in new dimensions.

Do You think you know other rooting apps, feel free to share and comment below.

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