Monday, 14 August 2017

See How To Download And Install Xbox 360 Emulator Apk For Android and Play Games

When I first saw this article, I knew I just had to share it because of those game lovers across the world. 

Have you ever wished to play Xbox 360 games on your Android phone and couldn't achieve that? Of course we now know it's possible to play PSP games on Android with the help of PPSSPP emulator.

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It is now possible to play Xbox 360 games on your Android phone with the help of Xbox emulator. If you don't have Xbox 360 console in your home and wish to play Xbox 360 games, there is a way you can play but just make sure you read on. 

The Xbox 360 emulator is a free Chinese app that allows you play Xbox 360 games on Android just like Ppsspp. It doesn't require any root authorization or access before it can work.

What is Xbox 360?

Incase you don't really know what Xbox 360 is and what it's been used for; Xbox 360 is the entry-level gaming console developed by Microsoft, it was launched in 2005 – 2006 worldwide. It is cheapest gaming console which sales for 150 – 200 USD. It has a Xenon 8 core processor cum graphical processing unit, that could play most of the games on locked frames.

It has got numerous updates through its lifetime as a console making it better over time. Although it is under-powered console, still most powerful than any current generation smartphone. Hope you got an idea about what Xbox 360 actually is.

What is Xbox 360 Emulator?

Xbox 360 Emulator is a console imitating android application that simulates the hand-picked Xbox games on your Android smartphone. Being a free application, it just scales down the games resolution & graphical qualities to the low as possible & renders it using your mobile’s CPU & GPU. During the process, it drops a considerable amount of frames & even freezes sometimes. So, you need a good speced phone to enjoy this emulator without issues.

Name Xbox Emulator
Developer Unknown
Stable version v.1.9.1
Compatibility Android v4.0 & above.
Size 17.34 Mb

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Android with atleast 1gb RAM
At least 2gb free memory
Android 4.0 kitkat and above

How To Install Xbox Emulator On Android

>> First, download Xbox 360 emulator apk here

"It is advised you also download FlyVPN app. FlyVPN is required as the XBox emulator app is only available in China and you will need to mask your IP address with Chinese IP.
Now open the FlyVPN app and connect to a Chinese server." As you can see from the screenshot belowDownload Flyvpn here.

>> Next, install the Emulator

>> You will find a Chinese app on your Android phone, this is the best XBox Emulator for android but it is in Chinese.

>> Now, just tap on the button shown in the picture below and you will be logged into the Xbox emulator.

Select your favorite XBox game from the list of games and tap on the Chinese button shown below in the image.

The game will start after few seconds and you should see an on-screen gamepad on your screen and you can play it using that gamepad.

Based on your smartphone specification, you might notice some lags here and there, reboot once you had installed the app. The higher your Android phone specs, the better the games graphics and performance.

hope you have seen how to install this

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  1. The setup options on Play! are very limited as well. Users can only search the directories on their Android device for an ISO or .BIN file to load the game. Still, luckily the application does automatically rotate the screen when needed for a certain game.

  2. on the off chance that you get an expert Xbox 360 fix control (which is very prescribed) to enable you through the procedure it to will cost you another $24, so your aggregate cost will be about $39 (expecting you have no screwdriver toolbox). xbox one external hard drive