Friday, 22 September 2017

Easiest Guide and Steps On How to Change Your YouTube Channel's Name.

If you have wanted to change your YouTube Channel's name and you couldn't because you found it so difficult or for any other reason, or if when you were choosing a name, you mispelt it or you no longer like the name your channel is using because it doesn't sound professional, well, for whatsoever reason you want to change your YouTube channel's name, you can now do so. It's not impossible because this tutorial has been written specifically for it and it's only going to take 5mins of your time to achieve this...... Do I have your attention now? 

When it comes to online dealings, names are very important because there are no visuals sights and places like buildings or roads so majorly every one deals with names and brands.  For example Facebook now,  I haven't seen the company or anything but once facebook is mentioned what first pops up in our minds is chat, social media.... 
So I can say that  "The name of a brand is the first point of contact to  subscribers, followers, or even future partners. "

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Like I said earlier, f you are not pleased with the name on your YouTube channel and would like to change it to a more attractive name, then follow the guide below. This is not as simple as it's been done on other socials like Facebook and Twitter, but I've made everything clear to understand.

How to Change your YouTube Channel Name

  1. Sign in to your YouTube account with your gmail if you are not yet logged in. 
  2. Click your picture in the top right-hand corner, then select Settings. This will take you to your channel overview.
  3. Click on the Edit on Google link to change your YouTube name. Due to the integration of Google services, changing your name on YouTube means you also have to change it on Google+ too. 
  4. When you click on the Edit on Google link, it will take you to your Google+ profile page. Using the on-screen window, change your First Name and Surname to whatever you want your channel to be called. If you want to keep your name intact, you can simply add a nickname, as well as a combination of both your original YouTube name and your nickname.
  5. To choose the configuration, click the drop-down arrows by the Display my Name As option. 
  6. After selecting from the available options, click Ok to finish.

That's all friends, all of your Google accounts will start using the new name including your YouTube channel, Gmail and also, the new name will appear when people visit your channel’s main page.

Hope you find this post useful. Please share with friends and don't forget to leave a comment below.

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