Friday, 15 September 2017

Why There Was Never an iPhone 9 or BB9 or Windows 9

If you have being following the trend of phones especially Blackberry and iPhone, you'll recall that there was never Blackberry 9 (BB9) or Windows 9 or iPhone 9. In this article I'll reveal to you why there was never iPhone 9 or BB 9

If you could recall, after the release of Windows 8, the logical window name should be Windows 9 but it was skipped over to Windows 10. Blackberry too did same thing and launched BB10 and skipped BB9. What about iPhone 9? Apple skipped the 9 and named it iPhone X instead, whereas X stands for 10 in roman figures.

All credits goes to Mr Mo for the comprehensive insights.

Marketing and Perception
 As a brand or company if you ever want a global success of a product, you must and should understand the belief, heritage and superstitions of the part of the world you are targeting. Despite the fact that this is the 21st century, human nature is still essentially the same. For example, even in many places in the West, the number 13 is considered a number for bad luck. Remember “Friday the 13th”? 

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Note: You are not likely to see Windows 13 or an iPhone 13 in the future.

A similar thing could be said of countries like Korea, China and Japan, where the number 4 is a synonym for the word “death”. As such, brands active in those countries tend to avoid it. Who wants to buy death?! I remember Nokia avoiding that number in phones they shipped to that region.

Never forget this: If you want to sell products (consumer products especially) across multiple cultures, the rule of the game is to understand those cultures and their superstitions. Sometimes, brands take a chance and go ahead to push a product associated with an unlucky/negative number anyway. Sometimes, that is part of the game. But with the consumer public, perception is a factor. A strong factor.

The Number 9
So, what brings the no. 9 into the equation?.
It is a curse word in Chinese and a synonym for suffering, agony or torture in Japanese. That’s what.

Note the Chinese connection. That is a huge market that big brands cannot afford to play with, so those brands who wish to sell there avoid numbers that can mess up product perception. In marketing aferall, perception is everything.

Now you know why there is no iPhone 9. Apple jumped and passed the Chinese curse word.

  Hope you now know why certain nos.are being skipped by brands and companies.. Hope this will also guide you in  your choice of products name. 

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