Tuesday, 5 December 2017

512GB Memory Storage for All Phones is in Production By Samsung

It's impossible for you to get a phone with 256GB inbuilt memory storage. The biggest we have see so far is 64GB when it comes to smartphones. I don't know if there is any other smartphone with a bigger space than this.. Even the ones of 64 or 32 GB is just expandable up to 256GB using SD card.

Here Samsung comes in again.. With a record breaking invention, not too long from introducing the fast charge technology which allows you to fully charge your phone to 100% in 12mins.
  Samsung has has started mass production of 512GB eUFS storage.

The SD card has same dimension as of the 256GB. The memory card was built out of 64-layer 512 gigabit chips, eight of them, while the older eUFS storage used 48-layer chip.

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According to Gsmarena:

“The new storage promises 860MB/s sequential reads and 255MB/s sequential writes. It takes 6 seconds to copy a 5GB file from this storage and 20 seconds to copy to it. Samsung estimates you can store 21 hours of 4K video on these new chips. Performance for apps is similar to the previous generation – 42,000 IOPS and 40,000 IOPS respectively.”

The Samsung new 64-layer will be used in memory card and SSDs, not just phone storage. The older and new storage will be increased in future, so expect mid-range phones to get more storage.

What do you think of this invention.... Great or?

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