Sunday, 3 December 2017

How To Fix "No Permission To Delete File" on Android Devices...... Easy Tutorial

I find it infuriating when I am using my phone and some annoying Apps download themselves and when I try to delete them.......they say some like "no permission to delete" as if it was me that downloaded them.... I am sure that by now you understand my situation......so if you are like me encountering the same problem, I have found out how to put an end this pain... The issue was not able to be fixed because the permission of the file or folder has been automatically set to “Read Only“.

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Sometimes, you might have deleted the app but it will keep reappearing due to the permission (read only) it was automatically set on.

The instant solution is simple and straightforward, since you don’t need anything technical than only an app to fix the issue. The name of the app to use is called “Root folder“. With the help of thid app, you can delete any stubborn files from your Android device storage.

STEP1: Download the Root Folder app(free version) by Clicking Here and launch it.

STEP 2: Tap on Mount R/W and immediately, it will change to Mount R/Oand you should see Mount R/W beside it.

STEP 3: Then, locate the stubborn file and delete it. You can also scroll down toStorage Folder and you would seeSDcard0 and SDcard1, where SDcard1 is your inbuilt storage and SDcard0 is your external storage.

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