Tuesday, 5 December 2017

How To Solve Facebook Not Responding and Other App Problems.

Lately a lot of Apps have been misbehaving some even go ahead to show that:
 "Unfortunately........Has Stopped"

I got a lot of complaints from people relating go this problem and it was so annoying to the extent that this propelled me to write a post on how to solve most smartphone problems.... I am so concerned about people enjoying their lives and having nothing to worry about...

If you are having a similaƕ problem but on other Apps or even your launcher, you should check out this post..

How To Solve Most Smartphone Problems..... especially " Unfortunately Launcher Has Stopped"

   So I present another solution to your App problems. Specifically the Facebook App. Please this tutorial is straight forward so don't be bored already.... Just stay with me

Method 1. 

Check and see if your facebook App or Messenger is up to date. If it isn't, go to Google Play Store and update it.

Method 2.

Clear Your App Cache

• Open settings
• Click on Apps
• Go to Facebook App
• Tap the options or tap on storage

• Tap clear cache and if you are ready for all your facebook logins and passwords to be cleaned, tap clear data.

Method 3.

Download Older Facebook App or Facebook Lite

  If the problem persists, it is recommended and reasonable for you download an older version of the Facebook App or you can go for the facebook lite App.

• Make sure you uninstall the Facebook App on your phone

• Visit this link to Download any Older Version of the Facebook App.

• Navigate to Settings>>Advanced setting>> Security, and enable unknown source. 

• Install the older Version.

Method 4.

Reinstall The Facebook App

   This method at times is like a treasure that is close to you yet you didn't know it... This method too could resolve the problem. You just need to login to your facebook account and reenter your Facebook login.

If you have tried all this method and the problem persists or continues, I recommend you upgrade your device buy a bigger one....

If you have any questions or complains, please use the comment box and please feel free to use the share buttons below

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