Wednesday, 24 January 2018

New Firefox Quantum Latest Update Delivers faster, smoother graphics

A new version of Firefox has just been released and as expected, is way faster, efficient, better web graphics. This is not too far from when the Mozilla Firefox Quantum was released. Firefox intends the title of the fastest browser

A new dedicated GPU thread is used for the web graphics engine so that when users load images or pages there won't be any form of congestion.

• You can also Download Mozilla's New Firefox Quantum Browser 


Normally, a web page loads on your computer using this steps

• It displays the visible part of the web pages for the users to view.

• It groups items and objects into layers based on how they are scrolled.

• Rasterizes or render every display item in its layers.

• Combines all the layers together to form one image and then sent to the monitor.

     So with the new feature that this browser offers, the compositing step already happens off the main GPU thread, but the other steps above don't.

     So the idea of this all process is that since rasterization consumes slot of time in loading servers, the whole rasterization process will be moved to a thread called the painting thread.

The full process and everything involved in it has been released by Morzilla. Just in case you have any interest in reading more about it,  you can check Here

Smartphone Users

    Mozilla has also brought a new feature for Android users.
The following are the features released to Android users

1. Instead of a dialog box, which can be awkward, users will now have a full screen to organize their bookmarked sites and sort them into folders.

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2. Android users will also get improved support for PWAs – websites like Twitter that can appear as mobile apps on your phone. When visiting a website that's a PWA, you can add it to your home screen as an app by tapping the house icon that appears.

When you use the home screen icon, the app will open outside the browser interface, with no address bar.

With all these, do you think that Firefox can take on chrome....Drop your comments and please don't forget to share.


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