Friday, 26 January 2018

Google Chrome Now Blocking Redirecting Ads - Chrome 64 Redirect adblock [ Download Here ]

Its a brand new year and Chrome has decided to improve its service by including AdBlocks to the latest version of Chrome which expected to be launched. This was actually announced in November in year 2017. This will be the Chrome V64 and based on all expectations and rumors, it's gonna come along with automatic  redirecting ads blocker. The whole idea is to prevent ads that lead to harmful virus sites.


Let me explain this feature and its operation. If you have ever experienced the situation whereby you want to load a page and all of a sudden, that page begins to take you different to different links; its more of like the different links just coming and going and all of a sudden, you are on a all whole new site which is usually not interesting. And unfortunately, These harmful ads have infiltrated virtually every ad network, including Google AdSense/AdX

Google has decided to come to our rescue, because right now, google has decided to stop such things; google has decided to block this. This is where Chrome V64 comes into the picture; its going to forcefully block this!

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Chrome 64 Blockin Redirecting Ads Features

Like always, Chrome 64 includes changes for both users and developers. Here are some smaller features that ship with this update.

The Media Capabilities API, which allows sites to determine what media codecs and formats your browser works with, is now supported in Chrome.

Sites can now determine if you have Data Saver enabled with the new save Data JavaScript boolean. This is expected to be enabled by default in Chrome 65, but for now, it only works if you enable the flag.

Chrome now shows native notifications on Linux, similar to notifications on macOS.

The ResizeObserver API is now supported.

JavaScript alerts can no longer change the tab you are viewing.

Chrome now supports HDR video playback on Windows 10 (as long as Windows is in HDR mode).

Autoplay behavior is now identical across desktop and mobile. See this post for more details.

Google Chrome 64 White Navigation Bar


Google has been switching some of its apps over to white navigation bars on Android 8.0 Oreo. The idea is to reduce AMOLED image retention by reducing the contrast, but I personally much prefer the old design. Like it or not, white navigation bars have now reached Chrome. I wish the bar would change color based on the site you’re viewing, like how the status bar already does.

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Where Do I Download Chrome 64 Redirect adblock APK?

Chrome Version 64.0.3282.116 is know available on play store. People who are searching for chrome 64 version can also be downloaded from mirror apk link right below.

→ Mirror apk for : Chrome 64 APK download

Play Store: Google Chrome 64 Download

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