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Latest Airtel 2018 Data Plans, USSD Subscription Code And Price – How To Activate

Airtel has finally released the list of Data plan for 2018, Recently we updated you with 9mobile complete list of data for the year

In Addition to the smartRecharge Offer, For instance; on the SmartRecharge offer,a recharge of N100 gives you N500 for calls and N500 for data while N200 gives you N1000 for calls and N1000 for data. And many others. Let look into full list of their Data Plan and their Activation code.

So Therefore; To activate, all you have to do is to recharge your phone by dialing *220*Rechargepin# Simple and easy.


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1. ANDROID 1.0 (N1000 for 1.5GB)

This is the cheapest Android Data Plans including PC Data Plan. With 1,000, you can get 1.5GB for complete 30. To subscribe, all you have to do is to dial *496#. The Plans are usable on all devices @ N1/MB all day. Enjoy Android 1.0 at N1,000 for 1.5GB. Valid for 30 days.

2. ANDROID 2.0 (N2000 for 3.5GB)

Another cheaper data plan for both Android and PC devices is the 3.5GB which you can get with 2,000 and it is valid for 30. To subscribe to it, you have to recharge your phone and dial *437#.Enjoy N2,000 for 3.5GB. Valid for 30 days@ N1/MB all day, remember, it is also usable on all devices.

3. ANDROID 2.5 (N2500 for 5GB)

Well, Airtel Nigeria also have the 5GB Plan with 2,500 which you can use for complete 30 days with uninterrupted data zap issue. To activate, just load your sim card and dial *437*1#. Enjoy N2,500 for 5GB. Valid for 30 days @ N1/MB all day.

4. ANDROID 3.5 (N3500 for 7GB)

You can enjoy unlimited news update to your both Android Devices and Personal Computer (PC) with the new 7GB plan with 3,500 for complete 30 days. To activate, go ahead and dial *438#. Enjoy N3,500 for 7GB. Valid for 30 days@ N1/MB all day.

5. ANDROID 4.0 (N4000 for 9GB)

Watch movies, download and stream music to stay up to date with Android 4.0 data plan. You will not only power up your devices, you can also download unlimited and watch short and long comedy films but be vigilant with the new 9GB data with 4,000 for 30 days, a month. Dial *438*1# to activate.

Airtel Mega Packs

1. MEGA 5 (N5000 for 10GB)

With the Airtel Mega 5 subscriptions, you will not only watch interesting short videos or comedy, but now, you will watch long film with 10GB with 5,000 for 30 days. Dial *452# to activate. Enjoy our Mega 5 plans with 10GB at N5,000 for 30 days. Connect all your data enabled home and office devices with burn rate of 1kobo/kb 24hrs weekday and weekend.

2. MEGA 8 (N8000 for 16GB)

With Airtel Mega 8, you do not need to be vigilant anymore. You can now browse, download, watch movies, connect to your friends and devices around for complete 30 days with the 16GB with 8,000. Dial *460# to activate. Enjoy 16GB Mega 8 plan, with a burn rate of 1kobo/kb 24hrs weekday and weekend.

3. MEGA 10 (N10000 for 22GB)

Get 22GB with 10,000 for 30 days. Dial *462# to activate. This is the best plans at the most affordable rate for Mega 10 plan with 22GB at N10,000 only. Plan now comes with a burn rate of 1kobo/kb 24hrs weekday and weekend.

4. MEGA 15 (N15,000 for 30GB)

This is 30GB with 15,000 for 60 days. To activate, dial *463#. Enjoy 30GB super-fast and reliable data to stay connected with our Mega 15 plan.

5. MEGA 36 (N36,000 for 60GB)

Get 50GB with 36,000 for 180. To subscribe, please send *406#. Do you require large data for the whole family or an office? Then the Airtel Mega 36 plan is the ultimate choice with 50GB at N36,000 valid for 180 days.

6. MEGA 70 (N70000 for 100GB)

In other words, this is called Family plan for yearly budgets. You can get 100GB with 70,000 for complete 365. Dial *407#to activate. Do you require large data for the whole family or an office? Then the Airtel Mega 70 plan is the ultimate choice with 100GB for N70,000 valid for 365 days.

7. MEGA 136 (N136000 for 200GB)

Looking for a good data plans for your office or to run your company business without losing tracks or service bar? Then this Mega 136 is the best choice of data plan for you and your business. Get this 200GB with 136,000 for 365. To activate this plan, please dial *408#. Enjoy 200GB at N136,000 valid for 365 days.

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How To Buy Any Airtel Data Plans

You wish to subscribe to any airtel data plans? dial *141# and follow the on-screen instructions, or use the above USSD codes for the activation of all Airtel data plans.

To Check your Data Balance,  The data balance checking code for Airtel is by dialling *140# or dial *141*11*0# or dial *123*10# or simply dial *223# or dial *141*712*0# or send Status to 440 as SMS.To check Airtel BIS, dial *123*9#

PlanValidityOpt-In Codes
Airtel Daily Plans
20MB for N501 DayDial *141*11*9#
75MB for N1001 DayDial *410#
200MB for N2003 DaysDial *412#
Airtel Weekly Plans
350MB for N3007 DaysDial *417#
750MB for N50014 DaysDial *418#
Airtel Monthly Plans
1.5GB for N1,00030 DaysDial *496#
3.5GB (2.5GB + 1GB data bonus) for N1,500Note: The 1GB bonus is usable from 1am to 7am daily30 DaysDial *437#
3.5GB for N2,00030 DaysDial *437#
5.5GB (4.5GB + 1GB data bonus) for N2,500Note: The 1GB bonus is usable from 1am to 7am daily30 DaysDial *437*1#
6.5GB (5.5GB + 1GB data bonus) for N3,00030 DaysDial *438#
9.5GB (7.5GB + 2GB data bonus) for N4,00030 Days*438*1#
Airtel 2G-Pack Plans
2G-Pack Weekly Plan of 2GB for N2007 DaysDial *482*1#
2G-Pack Monthly Plan of 3GB for N50025 DaysDial *482*2#
Airtel Social PlansStay socially connected. Chat, browse and stay up to date with our social plans. Usable for Facebook,Twitter Whatsapp, We Chat e.t.c
WhatsApp Daily 10MB for N251 DayDial *948*4#
All social daily for 20MB for N501 DayDial *991*4#
All social weekly plan of 50MB for N1005 DaysDial *688*3#
All social monthly plan of 600MB for N30025 DaysDial *688*1#
Airtel BlackBerry PlansUsable on all BlackBerry OS7 devices as well as NON-Blackberry
BB unlimited daily of 40MB for N1001 DayDial *440*18#
BB unlimited weekly of 200MB for N5257 DaysDial *440*17#
BB unlimited monthly of 3.5GB (2.5GB + 1GB data bonus for N1,500Note: The 1GB bonus is usable from 1am to 7am daily25 DaysDial *440*16#
Airtel Mega Packs PlansAirtel Mega Packs are designed for the heavy data user. Enjoy Streaming, Downloads etc on your device or across multiple device
MEGA 5: 12GB (10GB + 2GB data bonus) for N5,000Note: The 2GB bonus is usable from 1am to 7am daily30 DaysDial *452#
MEGA 10: 25GB for N10,00030 DaysDial *462*10#
MEGA 15: 40GB for N15,00030 DaysDial *462*15#
MEGA 20: 60GB for N20,00030 DaysDial *462*20#
Airtel Night Plans
500MB for N25A night from 12am – 5amDial *312# and select 3 (Trybe Night browsing) and select 1 to subscribe
1.5GB for N200

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