Monday, 5 February 2018

Android P (9.0) To Feature Native Support For Call Recording


All indications point to the fact that Google's next version of Android will feature the ability to record calls. The anticipated Android 9.0 build would offer the ability to record audio calls, and would do so with a sort of “read receipt.” So as to create awareness for the people in the conversation to know that it is been taped, the system would present an audible beep every fifteen seconds for both parties to hear. This tone will warn unsuspecting callers or recipients that their calls are being digitally taped to indicate the integrity of the conversation. It is unclear at this time where stored audio files will be kept, whether it be cloud storage to Google servers or locally to Android devices. Also unclear is the extent of the capabilities of the OS to document calls such as cellular, WiFi, VoLTE, and ViLTE, and if the system posed a recording time limit.

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This is not an all too new concept at all because some smartphone come with this feature; Tecno W2 has the ability to do this and besides, the LG chocolate which was launched in 2006 also came with this feature.

This move from Google to include this in the Android 9.0 will excite some people and at the same time, will dismay others. There is always a benefit of recording a call. Could help out any day especially in legal terms.

This is advantageous and disadvantageous at the same time because calls could instantly and permanently be stored on a server and publicly disseminated and at the same time, warms users to be more cautious and more hesitant in audible device communication, but the concept is not very different from saving emails, text messages, and other electronic communications from a sender.

Other features expected includes more options for controlling content, clearing phone storage, and optimizing Android for its massive user base.

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