Saturday, 10 February 2018

Drones Broke World Record At 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony


If by any means you watched the Opening event of the 2018 Winter Olympics Yesterday in South Korea, you might have seen the cloud or swarm of drones that covered the sky Yesterday and while doing this, they broke a World Record

The record they broke, was prerecorded before the Show began and it showed a fleet of 1,218 drones flying together in sync, more than ever before. And a smaller swarm of 300 drones also entertapined the crowds at PyeongChang.

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Amazingly, the previous record for most drones flown simultaneously" was also set by Intel's Shooting Star fleet. This means they broke their own record yesterday. Intel's progress is a gradual one because they first started with 100 drones in Germany in 2015 and then to 500 drones the following year and now we are here at 1,218. They are developing and advancing so fast.

Impressively, Every drone fleet performance is controlled by just one pilot. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles themselves are fitted with LED lights to produce a virtually unlimited number of color combinations, with each 384mm x 384mm (15.1 inch x 15.1 inch) quadcopter weighing in at 330g (0.73lbs).

Intel's Natalie Cheung in a press statement said

"The Olympics are a time when the sports and entertainment industries are buzzing with record-setting performances, so it was the perfect stage for Intel Shooting Star drones and our team to set their own kind of record," 

The drone Tech is improving so fast..... Hope to see more in the future

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