Thursday, 15 February 2018

Google Chrome ad blocker Launches Today - Say Goodbye to Annoying online ads

google-chrome-ad-blocker-goes-live-todayGoogle is really taking a serious move this time as they first blocked re-directing ads in the chrome browser and we also heard recently that this summer, Chrome will move to make the internet a more secure place by labelling unencrypted websites as ‘not secure’ and what is currently on ground is that  Google is up against what it calls 'intrusive’ adverts. Against all those websites that pop up ads unexpectedly and usually unwanted ads. This aim is going to be is backed up by the newly integrated ad blocker in the Chrome web which will take effect today, 15 February. What this means is that, when the feature goes live, Google’s browser will target and block advertisements which fail to follow the ‘Better Ads Standards’ as laid out in line with consumer research by an industry watchdog.

Please be sure that not all advertising will be stopped as normal ads will still run, as many websites make their money from them in order to remain free to access. Only sufficiently annoying ads will be prevented and stopped.

For desktop PCs, that means pop-up adverts, sizable sticky adverts, video ads which autoplay with sound, and ‘prestitial’ ads which present themselves with a countdown, making the user wait for a period of time before they can close them and move on to view the site content.

When it comes to mobile devices, Google is strict as Google tends to focus more on mobile sites, blocking all the above – and all prestitial adverts – as well as flashing animated ads, full-screen scroll over affairs, and ‘dense’ advertisements which take up more than 30% of the vertical height of the web page.

If Chrome does block adverts, it will let the user know that ad blocking has happened, and also present an option to disable the blocking and allow adverts to come through on that particular site.

Advertising standards

Site owners will have the capacity to audit a report and in the event that they fall foul of the directions, they can address any issues, at that point ask for that their site be re-assessed to endeavor to accomplish a pass.

All being said and done, this is really a good move from Google as many are for the motion that these annoying ads should be stopped at all cost.

Ideally the framework will get along with sites which identify and issue notices about advertisement blocking, as well, since Chrome would already be able to hurl these kind of caution prompts as it seems to be. Ought to everything run easily, all Chrome clients will profit by a more streamlined web perusing knowledge with less in-your-confront notice intrusions.

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