Tuesday, 6 February 2018

PS4 Software Update 5.5 Beta - See Key Features

The PS4 v5.5 which is currently under beta testing, in a recent blog post had been seen to come with amazing features. The new patch which is to be released today is only available for Test by the selected beta testers. So from today we can now know what to expect from the PS4. This features takes gaming to the next level


PS4 Update 5.5 Key Features

1. Play Time Management

    This is really going to make the day of some parents who have been having hard time restricting the hours their children spend with it.

Here how it works; This will come under the console parental control. The manager(parents) will be able to set limit on how long their children can play and how long to play.

Here is a more practical illustration.
Let's say a parent sets for maximum hour his/her child can play their console to 2 hours, then the console will begin tracking from when the child starts and when it reaches 2 hours exactly, it will automatically lock them out.  Or if you want them to stop playing once it reaches 10pm, once it clocks 10pm, the child will be locked out.
It also comes with a reminder that will be informing kids how long they have spent on the console and how much time they have left so they can know how to finish up in time.
This feature will really lift off a considerable burden off from the backs of the parents especially those tired of waking late at night to control their children abuse of the console.

2. Better Backgrounds

Apart form parental control and play Time management, this feature allow users to import images from a USB stick to use as a custom wallpaper for a more personal look

3. Time Saving Tabs

Two new tabs are being added to make tracking your installed applications easier: ‘This PS4’ and ‘Name/Avatar’. When selected, the former will list all the applications installed on the overall system, while the latter will list the applications you purchased on your personal PSN ID. 

A third PlayStation Plus tab will also be added to the Library to help you keep track of which of the free monthly games you’ve downloaded.

The Quick Menu is being made, well, more quick to navigate in update 5.5 with the ability to access custom friends lists. You’ll also be able to access media shortcuts – when using Spotify on the console, for example, opening the Quick Menu and pressing square will allow you to control the volume.

Package For PS4 Pro

PS4 users have not been left out of all this excitement...

1. Notification Tab

The update 5.5 will give you the chance of deleting any old or unwanted notification. Especially if your notification size has been frustrating you; weakens you to see them

2. Super Sampling Mode

The PS4 users will have own update featured in the Super sampling mode.
This mode will allow those using TVs with a 2K resolution or lower to see visual enhancements from the 4K console.

By activating this mode,  PS4 Pro supported games will render at their higher resolutions and then the system will downscale them to match the TV, meaning it's really not essential to have a 4K TV to get something out of the latest console

Sony says that update 5.5 will come with more features in the coming years.
Well, That's all the info we have for now, but as soon as Sony discloses any other thing, it will be made known to you..

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